Hygrade Engineering Products

Hygrade Engineering Products

Solutions to Your Haying Headaches

The Silencer

As Seen In Farm Show Magazine
The Silencer: Improve Rake Wheel Efficiency

Starting at $48.50
The Silencer is a one-piece plastic band that slips over rake wheel teeth to prevent tooth damage. It improves rake wheel aggressiveness and helps eliminate skipped-over forage.

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Wide Swath Kit

Wide Swath Kit for Mower Conditioners & Rotary Machines

Starting at $170
Our Wide Swath Kit significantly decreases drying time of hay, alfalfa, sudangrass, grass, any type of forage. Fits New Holland, Macdon, Hesston, John Deere, Case IH haybines or discbines. Produces wide, even swath up to 100% of cutter width that promotes rapid, even drying of hay. Install yourself with easy to follow instructions.

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Header Reverser

Header Reverser Unplugs Grass, Hay or Forage

Price: $2,000
Reverses header without stopping PTO. High-quality hoses and valves are used and can be installed in 90 minutes with step-by-step instructions.

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Rake Windguards

Rake Windguards Prevent Wrapping in Windy Conditions

Starting at $44
Rake Windguards are used to prevent hay, grass, sudangrass, sorghum, cornstalks, alfalfa, or any forage from wrapping around rake wheels when operating in windy conditions. Using these windguards increases productivity and minimizes raking losses.

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