About Hygrade Engineering

From Kyle Sueltz, Owner and Founder of Hygrade Engineering:

I grew up farming and have been helping since I could first reach the pedals on the tractor. Our family grows corn, soybeans, and alfalfa in northeastern South Dakota. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and have worked in the ag industry designing and field testing equipment over the past several years for a manufacturer of large farm equipment.

I founded Hygrade Engineering in 2012 and do contract design work, fabrication and manufacturing on all types of industrial and ag equipment. All the products we offer have been designed and tested on our farm for several years before being released for sale-the products are proven and durable. Our family enjoys tractor pulling in the summer between field work and going on drives checking crops.

Hygrade Engineering Farm and Facilities

Hygrade Haying Products fit on several models haying and foraging equipment by New Holland and John Deere and other makes and models and are crafted and built to stand up to the most rigorous field conditions.